Oyster Thermal protects its intellectual property through patents, trademarks and trade secrets.

Utility Patents:

Vacuum insulated container body, container and related method

Oyster Thermal has been granted a utility patent for a general mechanical and thermal construction utilized by the Tempo cooler. This relates in particular to a sandwich wall construction, under vacuum, and with a thermally-decoupled inner and outer shell through use of a flexible barrier film membrane.

United States: US11866243B2

United Kingdom: GB2589015B

China: CN220077306U

Europe: EP4058377A1 (Patent Pending)

WIPO (PCT): WO2021094614A1 (Patent Pending)

Japan: JP2023501658A (Patent Pending)

Additional patents:

Multiple utility patent applications relating to future product innovations are filed and currently under processing.

Design Patents:

Design patents have been filed are currently pending in relation to the the visual configuration of the Tempo cooler.


The Oyster name and wordmark are registered trademarks.